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Why does credit card processing need to be so complicated?

With Schissler CPC, it doesn’t.

Credit Card companies make payment processing difficult to understand and expensive if you don’t know where the pitfalls are hidden. You don’t have to wade through the world of credit card and electronic payments alone. We provide straight forward answers, saving you time and money. You work hard to provide a quality product/service, we will help you maximize the profit you deserve with fair pricing and great customer service.


We are independent agents that work with some of the best credit card processing platforms in the industry to ensure you get the best experience possible at the fairest rate.


Our online B2B Payment Gateway uses level 2 and level 3 data to instantly reduce transaction fees and add extra security and fraud protection for your business-to-business transactions.

You deserve better from your credit card processor.

We provide a customized program tailored to your specific business needs. Consider these things in making your decision. We do not need contracts because we provide:
  • Excellent service
  • Written analysis detailing fees in easy-to-understand language
  • True pass-through interchange structure
  • No cancellation fees
  • Annual account reviews

We help companies save on their bottom line, one automated payment at a time.

98% client retention rate

feedback from our clients.

Regardless of which POS we switch to, we will always stay with Mark.

Kary and Amanda ,


Your service is exceptional.

Colleen ,


After talking with you, the information I’ve been told over the years now makes sense.

Denise ,